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With the General Study getting higher weightage in UPSC Civil Service Exam, the importance of current events analysis has increased  manifold.

Current events are important in all stages of the examination, prelims,mains and interview. GS Mains question now days are mostly based current events. The study of current events is also important in preparation of essay. Studying current events on UPSC Mantra you can cove the syllabus of different subjects for that particular year.

The right strategy for preparation of current events analysis means to know the requirements of the paper and the right approach to fulfill those needs.
The technique of studying the current events results into covering General Studies for prelims and mains.

How to study current events?
  • Gather current events from important resources such as newspapers (Hindu, Indian Express),internet, government sources
  • analyze the events according to different sections of the syllabus
  • Understand the background of each and every event
  • Questions asked may be direct or related events
  • Based on the current events cover the General Studies which will help in answering the analytical questions.
  • Covering Current Events need integrated approach by interlinking different sections of syllabus for example Child issues is from Social issues but need to cover the constitutional provision for that issue.
At UPSC Mantra we have designed different courses for preparation of current events analysis for prelims and mains which follows the approach for current events analysis discussed above.

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