How to read India Year Book

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Prepare for Civil Services

India Year Book gets published every year. It tracks the progress of our country in various fields. It is therefore very important from Civil Services Examination point. In this video Mr. Sujeet Rukari will provide few key tips on how to use information in India Year Book. 
Many candidates appear for UPSC Civil Services Examination, every year. Although the percentage of successful candidates is much low when compared with the appeared number of candidates. Only dreams and desires are not going to help you to achieve success in this examination. But right APPROACH and a STRUCTURED Preparation will lead you towards the ladder of success. Through the series of videos, it is Synergy’s efforts to discuss on very key aspects of preparation so that few of mistakes can be avoided at the beginning itself. 
Synergy Study Point, as a UPSC Coaching Institute, strive to have an undivided focus on creating success stories as the Unique Selling Proposition. Located at the education hub Pune, Maharashtra, Synergy is undoubtedly a leading coaching institute for Civil Services (UPSC) and State Services (MPSC) Examination, in India.  In past 11 years, with the focus on quality teaching, we have created unparalleled track record and 500+ success stories in Civil Services (UPSC) and State Services (MPSC) Examination. Teaching is a noble profession; we are committed to its values. We truly feel that the field of education needs to maintain its sanctity even with more caution during such changing times. We at ‘Synergy’ intend to ignite minds of thousands of capable and deserving young graduate population of the nation and guide their aspirations to succeed in competitive examinations to its conclusion.