Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility relates to the responsibility of the Corporates or Business Houses (specially bigger ones) to engage part of the wealth in philanthropic or charitable activities. On the lines of ‘giving back to the society’ & conducting ‘Responsible Business’ which is a very novel concept considering the impacts of business on environment and sometimes displacement of people. But! India seems to be the only country to have made it mandatory by Law, specifically discussed in Companies Law 2013. It is an evolving topic. Let us understand about it from Mr. Umesh NImbolkar. 

There are many terms which we come across while we do our study. Many times we find it difficult to understand the exact meaning of these terms. In exam, questions will not come directly on these terms. But their better understanding will improve the quality of your answers. In this video series named "Concepts", we are focusing on such terms which will help you in further studies. 
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