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Prelims cum Mains With Test Series

This integrated course covers:
  1. UPSC Prelims cum Mains Study Material
  2. UPSC Prelims Test Series
  3. UPSC Mains GS Test Series
1. UPSC Prelims cum Mains Study Material:

UPSC Prelims course will include General Studies prelims material.
Interaction with subject faculty is free so that you can get guidelines to prepare any subject.

Total 28 books will be provided in this module:

# Exam Stage Booklet Name
1 Prelims Geography of India
2 Prelims Environmental Issues
3 Prelims Physical Geography
4 Prelims World Human Geography
5 Prelims History of Ancient India
6 Prelims History of Medieval India
7 Prelims Physics
8 Prelims Chemistry
9 Prelims Biology
10 Prelims Polity I
11 Mains Geography of India-Population and Urbanisation
12 Mains Economic Geography of  World
13 Mains Salient Features of World Physical Geography
14 Mains Important Geophysical Phenomena
15 Mains Indian Culture
16 Mains History of Modern India
17 Mains India After Independence
18 Mains World History
19 Mains Indian Polity II
20 Mains Indian Polity III
21 Mains Social Issues
22 Mains International Relations
23 Mains International Institutions
24 Mains Indian Economy I
25 Mains Indian Economy II
26 Mains Security
27 Mains Science and Technology
28 Mains Ethics, Aptitude and Integrity PAPER IV


These books will cover the syllabus for GS Prelims comprehensively. Following are the features of course material:
  • Designed as per the new syllabus and pattern
  • Simple to understand
  • Necessary facts/figures/ flowcharts/ Maps are used
  • Books cover the study material for prelims and subjects common for prelims and mains

UPSC Prelims Test Series

At UPSC Mantra we emphasize on practice. Through our test series for Civil service Exam Prelims we try to give aspirants first hand feel of UPSC Prelims examination. Questions are drafted as per the pattern of questions asked in UPSC examination.
  • At UPSC Mantra we emphasize on practice as in Civil Service Exam practice is the key to success.
  • As per UPSC pattern, UPSC Prelims is first stage in which student has to appear for two papers i.e. Prelims Paper I (General Studies) and Prelims Paper II (Civil Service Aptitude Test).
  • Prelims Test Series at UPSC Mantra is designed considering UPSC syllabus mentioned above.
  • This package will cover test series for Prelims Paper I (General Studies) and Prelims Paper II (Civil Services Aptitude Test).
  • Tests are designed as per the pattern followed by UPSC. We try to maintain quality of questions in tests as per the quality of UPSC examination.
For more details visit: UPSC Prelims Test Series

UPSC Mains Test Series

At UPSC Mantra we emphasize on practice. Through our test series for Civil Service Exam Mains we emphasize on answer writing practice and evaluation of answers.

Following are features of the course:
  • Course is going to start in September-2014.
  • Every Saturday till  November-2014.
  • There will be 10 Answer writing sessions.
  • Every Session will have around 25 questions.
  • Questions will be sent to students on registered email Address in PDF format.
  • Along with questions structures of answers will be supplied to students.
  • Students need to write down answers and send them back to us. Our faculties will evaluate the same and will be sent back to you.
  • Students can also interact with the faculties directly.
For more details visit:UPSC Mains Test Series

For more details about the course contact on or call on 08975760383.

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