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Q: Why Current Events are important in new pattern?  

Ans : Current events are important in all stages of the examination, prelims,mains and interview. GS Mains question now days are mostly based current events. The study of current events is also important in preparation of essay. Studying current events on UPSC Mantra you can cove the syllabus of different subjects for that particular year.

Q: Why shall I subscribe the current events analysis course on UPSC Mantra?  

Ans : While preparing for Current Affairs students find it very difficult to manage so many different sources available. On some days due to some unavoidable circumstances they do not find time to read newspapers. Many issues are difficult to grasp as students are not having the background knowledge of the issue. On many debatable issues it is difficult to find opinions. Time is also required to make detailed notes. Many times significance of the news from prelims, mains or essay point of view is not understood.

Current events analysis on UPSC Mantra is the solution to solve these issues, which is weekly and covers current events for Prelims and Mains.

Q: Which sources are used for preparing current events analysis?  

Ans : The Current Events Analysis course includes extensive coverage of information from sources like The Hindu, Yojana, Kurukshetra, Frontline, Indian Express, Economic Times, Science reporter, India Today, World Focus, Economic and Political Weekly, etc.
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